Whatever is going on for you, sometimes it is just helpful having somebody trained to talk to whom isn’t subjective such as a friend or a family member.

My work with clients includes*:

·        Depression ·        Stress + Anxiety
·        Disability ·        Ill Health
·        Carer Support ·        Bereavement
·        Menopause ·        Identity Issues
·        Eating Disorders ·        Low Self Esteem
·        Relationships ·        Work Stress
·        Domestic Abuse ·        Sexual Abuse

*Please note this list is not exhaustive, it may simply be the daily grind of everyday living that is causing you concern.


“Although Rosie and I only spent a short time together I found our sessions to be very useful and her approach kind, gentle, patient and friendly. I would recommend her to anyone looking for someone to talk to.” Anon

“Throughout every step of my counselling I found Rosie Kaye a professional, kind and compassionate person who listened and when necessary questioned and advised. Because of her support I was able to work through my issues with realistic expectations and by the end of my counselling I could leave knowing everything was resolved as much as was able. Thank you.” Anon

Please CONTACT ME to arrange a suitable time for an initial assessment and agree the best way forward. Appointment availability days and evenings.